Rowan University defeats Salisbury University 34- 30

Yesterday was the last day of home coming, despite the rain Rowan had a game to play.

Last week Rowan won a close game against Christopher Newport, this week they were hoping to make it two wins in a row against an undefeated Salisbury team. Rowan was the first to score in the game after Salisbury couldn’t make anything happen. Quarterback Dante Pickney threw a short pass to Dashown Waller, and he took it 64 yards to the end zone taking the lead early in the game at 12:23 minutes in the first quarter.

Salisbury wasted no time after the touchdown, and drove down the field, slot back Dandre Dennis ran it into the end zone for six yards tying the game seven a piece at 9:11 minutes in the first quarter.   Rowan did nothing on their next procession, allowing Salisbury to take the lead first. They did just that with another touchdown from quarterback Brandon Lewis who took the ball himself seven yards to the house.  The score was 13-7 at 4:42 minutes in the first quarter.  After the touchdown Salisbury elected to go for a two-point conversion, but they failed to do so. In their next scoring opportunity, the Profs were able to chip away at the lead when kicker Tyler Knighton kicked a perfect 40-yard field goal. Making the score 13-10 with 27 seconds left in the first quarter.

After a busy first quarter, the next score didn’t occur not until well into the second quarter. It was Salisbury who increased the lead when quarterback Brandon Lewis threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to slot wide receiver Aaron Moore increasing the lead at 20 -10 with 5: 26 minutes left in the second quarter. Rowan’s offense couldn’t respond after the touchdown, but it was their defense who helped them stay in the game.  Salisbury’s quarterback Brandon Lewis threw an interception to defensive back Bobby Barbieri, stopping Salisbury from increasing their lead at 1:58 minutes left in the first quarter.

“We knew their offense was really good. We were trying to slow them down a little bit, and they know they put up a lot of points. We were just trying to come out and do our jobs, and go from there,” said outside linebacker Jeff Rodriguez after the game.

After the interception Rowan put more points on the board with the help from kicker Tyler Knighton. He made his second field goal from 33 yards away.  The score was 20- 13 Salisbury at half time.

Rowan received the football after the half, and tied the game. Quarterback Dante Pickney threw his second touchdown of the afternoon on the first snap 75 yards to wide receiver Zac Frantz. Tying the game at 20 a piece with 14: 45 left in the 3rd quarter. Salisbury wasted no time, and scored on their first snap of the 3rd quarter as well.  Slot back Dandre Dennis ran the ball 41yards to the end zone. Taking the lead in a close game 27-20 with 14:32 minutes left in the third quarter. Rowan didn’t stop scoring they tied the game for the second time. After a long drive running back Gawain Bragg runs the ball four yards into the house. The score is even at 27 with 9:23 minutes left in the third quarter.

Salisbury would have taken a bigger lead with a 66-yard touchdown run from quarterback Brandon Lewis, but an un-sportsmanship conduct penalty took away the score. The only points Salisbury were able to take away was from a 23-yard field goal only increasing the lead 30- 27 with 6:15 minutes left in the third quarter. The Rowan offense completed another long drive taking the lead for good. Quarterback Dante Pickney threw his third touchdown to Zac Frantz for thirteen yards at 12:47 left in the fourth quarter. It was also Frantz’s second touchdown of the afternoon.

The Rowan defense took over the game from then on, and stopped Salisbury from taking the lead again. They had a chance with an 1:04 seconds left in the game, but did nothing. Rowan wins the game 34- 30, their second win in a row. Increasing their record to 3-0 at home, and a 4-1 record overall.

“I think we kept our composure and kept our cool when things weren’t looking all that good. The players and coaches just kept fighting through all the adversity. I think that was why at the end of the game we got the stops we needed defensively, and we were able to do a couple things offensively to put ourselves at a position to win it,” said head Coach Jay Accorsi after the game.

Photo Source: SkitterPhoto
Photo Source: SkitterPhoto