Rowan University’s Division 2 hockey team defeats Saint Joseph’s University 7-0!!

Before going into this game Rowan University’s Division 2 Ice Hockey team,  defeated The College of New Jersey on Friday with the score of 3-2. During this game they came back from a 1-0 deficit. For the second day in a row Rowan had to play and this time it was against Saint Joseph’s University. Rowan’s offense was on fire throughout the entire game. The star of the offense was forward Alec Nicolai who scored two goals. On defense it was goalie Justin Natiello who didn’t allow a single goal. Rowan won the game 7-0, and their next game will be on Saturday November 5, 2016 against Virginia Tech at 2:30 PM in the Berglund Center.

“Today was good for us system’s wise. Everybody was really committed to the defensive zone coverage.  We had five guy’s come back into the zone hard. We weren’t trying to force passes up through the middle, and when we got in trouble we weren’t afraid to dump the puck deep”, said head coach John Caulfield after the game.

While at the game I took some photographs to give you a closer look into the game.


Rowan University suffers first loss at home against Wesley College

Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J., Saturday, October22, 2016 showing how gloomy the afternoon was 15 minutes before the game.
Glassboro, N.J.,Saturday, October22,2016 quarterback Dan Kesack is looking for an open receiver on their first drive
Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J., Saturday, October22, 2016 quarterback Dan Kesack is looking for an open receiver on their first opening drive.
Glassboro, N.J.,Saturday, October22,2016 quarterback Dante Pinckney looking to score in the middle of the first quarter
Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J., Saturday, October22, 2016 the Rowan offense hoping to score with the leadership of quarterback Dante Pinckney in the middle of the first quarter.
Rowan University Cheerleading squad preparing for the Prof's VS the Wolverine’s at Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J.,Saturday, October22,2016
Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J., Saturday, October22, 2016 Rowan University Cheerleading Squad preparing 10 minutes before the Prof’s play the Wolverine’s.
Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J.,Saturday, October22,2016 quarterback Dante Pinckney tries to lead his team for a score in second quarter
Richard Wackar Stadium Glassboro, N.J., Saturday, October22, 2016 quarterback Dante Pinckney tries to lead his team for a score in second quarter. Showing the Rowan defense watching the game on the sidelines.

Yesterday’s football game against Wesley College while eventful, the outcome was as bitter as the wind. The weather put a downer on the entire game and made sitting in the bleachers uncomfortable. Because of the rain people were sitting on wet bleachers out in the cold and were shivering! While it hadn’t rained during the game there was a misty drizzle every now and again. The wind was fierce and pierced through your bones; it was deadly up in the bleachers! Had me wishing the game took place in an indoor stadium.


Before coming into this game Rowan University was undefeated at home, and was hoping to continue the streak against a very good Wesley College football team. Unfortunately, Rowan didn’t start the game off strong. It didn’t help that the Profs started off the game with an offensive fumble. Wesley took advantage of the fumble, and scored on their next possession. Running back Jamar Baynard rushed 15 yards into the end zone easily making the score 7-0 with 8:12 minutes left in the first quarter.


Sadly, Rowan wasn’t able to tie the game following Wesley’s touchdown, but the Profs came out of the drive with three points. Kicker, Tyler Knighton kicked a 32-yard field goal making the score 7-3 with 5:52 minutes left in the first quarter.  Rowan’s defense wasn’t able to stop the Wolverine’s offense in the first half of the game, and the offence wasn’t able to muster up points to take the lead early in the game. Wesley took advantage of that, and quarterback Dan Kesack ran into the end zone in the second quarter for seven yards, increasing their lead 14-3 with 8:50 minutes left in the second quarter. The Profs offense led by quarterback Dante Pinckney go three-and-out on their next procession which gave Wesley an opportunity to get away with the game.  Quarterback Dan Kesack threw deep to wide receiver Alex Kemp for 62 yards making the fans at Richard Wackar Stadium even more frustrated about the game. The touchdown increased the Wolverine’s lead 21-3 with 6:07 minutes left in the second quarter. The only other points scored in the first half were from Wesley before the half ended. The Wolverine’s kicked a field goal of their own, and made the score 24-3 at half time.


“I think we came out flat and we really didn’t play our brand of football. I think we needed to come out with a little more confidence and a little fireier”, said quarterback Dante Pinckney after the game.


Wesley’s offense came out of the half strong, trying to bury the Profs with more points, but it was Rowan’s defense to the rescue. Defensive back Travelle Curry intercepted the pass initiating a comeback with 12:43 minutes left in the third quarter.  Rowan didn’t add points to the board until the third quarter was practically over. Running back Anthony Diorio went to the house for five yards scoring their first touchdown of the game.


The score was 24-10 with 56 seconds left in the third quarter.  The Wolverine’s fumbled on their next procession giving the Prof’s a chance to try to do something with 17 seconds left in the third quarter. Rowan couldn’t take advantage of the fumble because of their own issue of turning the ball over, which was a major problem throughout the game.


“I just don’t think I was on the same page as the receivers in the first half, and a couple of times in the second half. That results in turnovers”, said quarterback Dante Pinckney after the game.


Rowan’s next score was sadly their last chance of getting points in the game.  Quarterback Dante Pinckney handed the ball off to running back Gawain Bragg who ran it in for a yard.  Turning the score of the game 17-24 with 10:08 minutes left in the fourth quarter.  Not even after blocking a Wesley field goal was enough to give Rowan an opportunity to tie the game. Rowan’s offensive struggles haunted them at the end, and they gave the ball back to Wesley with less than two minutes left on the clock. Wesley depleted the remaining time ruining Rowan’s chance for a late quarter score. The final score was 24-17 Wesley, giving Rowan their first defeat at home this season.


“I just thought the speed that they play with. Their a team that likes to get right back on the ball as soon as the play is over. They don’t like to wait for defense to get set up. I would just say the tempo of the game, and the speed which they play with. At times we were a little confused as to what coverage we were in. The speed really affected our communication. I would just say their tempo was the biggest challenge today”, said defensive back Bobby Barbieri after the game.











Prof Nation Q&A: Mike Delayo, Sports Director of 89.7 WGLS-FM


Have you ever wandered who is behind one of the voices that does the play by play of Rowan University sports on the radio?  Mike Delayo, 20, a junior at Rowan University who is from Roselle Park, N.J., not only does he do the play by play for Rowan Radio 89.7 WGLS-FM, but he is also the Sports Director.  Mike is majoring in Journalism with a Communication studies, and New Media minor.  As an avid New York Giants fan, Mike has made his mark in South Jersey with nothing but his voice. (Photo/ Dino Arhontoulis)

When did you first get interested in sports?

Well, what really started me with the radio station was I kind of randomly went to the interest meeting. I got an email as I’m sure you did, anybody in the college of communication. If you’re interested in the radio station come to the interest meeting. I did not really expect to join, but somebody who was at the meeting was talking about them working with the Wilmington Blue Rocks the minor league baseball team. I was like wow, that would be really cool to work with a professional team like that, so I ended up joining the station to hoping to do stuff with sports. I haven’t actually worked with the Blue Rocks. I don’t plan to anymore, but that was kind of my foot in the door there. Seeing that as an interesting opportunity from their I branched out to calling all the Rowan games.

What’s the prep time in trying to cover the football games?  

Well the football games I prep as much as I think I need to. It depends on the team, there’s a couple of teams especially within the NJAC that I’m more familiar with than other teams.  I say a handful of hours like two to three hours I’ll comb through some stats, making sure I pronounce guy’s names right. Which is definitely something you don’t want to look at a roster, when you’re at the game you have to say his name, and you say it wrong because that’s isn’t doing them a service. So just getting that, so you’ll have talking points ready. You don’t necessarily want to have to narrate everything that is going on the field. You want to be able talk about things that are relevant to the game, but not necessarily happening on the field, because anybody can say what’s happening on the field in the athletic event. It’s about making it interesting enough for your listeners to stay tuned, and actually enjoy listening to it. Rather than this being the only way they can find out what’s happening.

Is sports broadcasting the route you want take after graduation?

I haven’t ruled it out, and I’m really not sure if I want to do it, pursue a full time job in it. I do enjoy doing it, and I think it’s a lot of fun, and I would recommend anybody that has an interest in it. If they have the opportunity to definitely go out, and do it. As of right now I’m not thinking about a career in broadcasting although getting this experience leaves that door open for me. Right now it’s nothing definite.

What’s the process of covering the road games?

So the road games are really not too much different from the set up, we hope that it’s not too much different. We have the same equipment we bring to Richard Wackar Stadium here in Glassboro, we bring to anywhere we go on the road. We do make sure a couple weeks in advance that where ever we are going has the proper setup and equipment that we need. We prefer that there would be a wired internet connection available to us for the ComReck unit that we use to broadcast the games. If they don’t we have other equipment available like Tieline where we can go through the phone service, and go through there. Overall it’s really not too much of a difference in road games. As long as we have some connection to the internet we’ll find a way onto the air. The very last result we can always call the station, and their put us on the air. We don’t hope that happens, but if it does we just deal with it because we would want the game to be on the air at all costs.

How long have you been broadcasting the Football games?

This is my first season calling the football games actually, I’m now the sports director so starting with that. it was a perk. I got to call the football games with Derrick Jones at the station. I have been calling baseball, soccer, basketball for a little more than a year now.

So what are the responsibilities that you are responsible for as the Sports Director?

Well in addition to calling the football games with Derrick, I also have to kind of make the broadcast schedule for everybody else, and the other sports. It’s really just been making sure that I get kids who are interested in calling the games. I give everybody that wants an opportunity to come in and call games here at Rowan. For the soccer games we only do home games because it’s too much of a commute with class schedules, and what not. I also have to prepare the Rowan Sports Review, which airs every Friday, that’s something that been ongoing for years at the station. It’s just kind of a recap of all Rowan athletics, giving people updates on news that they might not have been able to read by themselves. Now I actually was given the opportunity to cut into that show’s time, make it a half hour to an hour. I have a professional sports talk show where we talk about the world of professional sports, something that the station hasn’t had for a few years. So between all those things, and a few extra things here and there helping out at the station that takes up most of my time.

How would people be able to listen to the games if they’re not using traditional radio?   

If you don’t have the traditional radio you can log on to, and there be a link to listen to the main channel. The football games will always be on the main channel; you can tune in there. There would just be a link, and you can click it. Sometimes theirs a little bit of trouble depending on what windows configuration you have or what browser your using. More often than not you’ll either be able to click it or it would launch an external application you can play it through their. Really, really simple. For some of the other athletic events sometimes soccer, and baseball it would be on channel 2 which is located pretty much on the same left side of the website. You can click that, and if theirs coverage their that’s where ever you’ll be able to hear the game. Football will always be the priority on the main channel.

Since you said you’re from North Jersey are you a Giants or Jets fan?    

I’m a Giants fan actually, very well liked down in the Philadelphia area so I kind of keep it quiet.

How do you think they are doing this season? 

I don’t think their doing very good at all. I mean they’re lucky to have two wins. They kind of got gifted those two wins especially against the Cowboys Terrance Williams didn’t run out of bonds, and sealed the deal. The Cowboys didn’t get a chance to kick a field goal. It was looking good at 2-0, maybe they have time to turn it around, but things really haven’t changed since then. It’s not looking good.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

Well not just about me but, I’ll say that radio doesn’t get enough publicity as it used to, and I encourage anybody that has even a slightest interest, and not just radio but sports, and just watching sports to maybe just give it a try calling games. Because I have never even really thought about calling games until that radio meeting, and just having the opportunity to get out there call a game could really put you down a path where you really like doing something. Even though I don’t want to be necessary a career broadcaster. Somebody else might have aspirations after that to go on, and make that their career. If you have the slightest interest, I would just encourage anybody to give it a chance.

Do you communicate with the athletic department on a daily basis or does someone else handle that?

Derrick Jones right now, he handles still most of the communication between the department. Because he’s their reliable contact, he’s been there for a while, and has those communications. I really just started to meet all those people, so I hope as the season continues to go on or the entire athletic year. Rather that, I’ll build those connections and be able to communicate directly but right now Derrick Jones still handles most of that.

And do you plan on continuing on for your senior year doing the broadcast as well?

Definitely calling broadcasts, we’ll see hopefully. I’d be fortunate enough to be sports director again, and being able to do the football games again, and just kind of try to build on what we do this year.










Rowan University defeats Salisbury University 34- 30

Yesterday was the last day of home coming, despite the rain Rowan had a game to play.

Last week Rowan won a close game against Christopher Newport, this week they were hoping to make it two wins in a row against an undefeated Salisbury team. Rowan was the first to score in the game after Salisbury couldn’t make anything happen. Quarterback Dante Pickney threw a short pass to Dashown Waller, and he took it 64 yards to the end zone taking the lead early in the game at 12:23 minutes in the first quarter.

Salisbury wasted no time after the touchdown, and drove down the field, slot back Dandre Dennis ran it into the end zone for six yards tying the game seven a piece at 9:11 minutes in the first quarter.   Rowan did nothing on their next procession, allowing Salisbury to take the lead first. They did just that with another touchdown from quarterback Brandon Lewis who took the ball himself seven yards to the house.  The score was 13-7 at 4:42 minutes in the first quarter.  After the touchdown Salisbury elected to go for a two-point conversion, but they failed to do so. In their next scoring opportunity, the Profs were able to chip away at the lead when kicker Tyler Knighton kicked a perfect 40-yard field goal. Making the score 13-10 with 27 seconds left in the first quarter.

After a busy first quarter, the next score didn’t occur not until well into the second quarter. It was Salisbury who increased the lead when quarterback Brandon Lewis threw a 21-yard touchdown pass to slot wide receiver Aaron Moore increasing the lead at 20 -10 with 5: 26 minutes left in the second quarter. Rowan’s offense couldn’t respond after the touchdown, but it was their defense who helped them stay in the game.  Salisbury’s quarterback Brandon Lewis threw an interception to defensive back Bobby Barbieri, stopping Salisbury from increasing their lead at 1:58 minutes left in the first quarter.

“We knew their offense was really good. We were trying to slow them down a little bit, and they know they put up a lot of points. We were just trying to come out and do our jobs, and go from there,” said outside linebacker Jeff Rodriguez after the game.

After the interception Rowan put more points on the board with the help from kicker Tyler Knighton. He made his second field goal from 33 yards away.  The score was 20- 13 Salisbury at half time.

Rowan received the football after the half, and tied the game. Quarterback Dante Pickney threw his second touchdown of the afternoon on the first snap 75 yards to wide receiver Zac Frantz. Tying the game at 20 a piece with 14: 45 left in the 3rd quarter. Salisbury wasted no time, and scored on their first snap of the 3rd quarter as well.  Slot back Dandre Dennis ran the ball 41yards to the end zone. Taking the lead in a close game 27-20 with 14:32 minutes left in the third quarter. Rowan didn’t stop scoring they tied the game for the second time. After a long drive running back Gawain Bragg runs the ball four yards into the house. The score is even at 27 with 9:23 minutes left in the third quarter.

Salisbury would have taken a bigger lead with a 66-yard touchdown run from quarterback Brandon Lewis, but an un-sportsmanship conduct penalty took away the score. The only points Salisbury were able to take away was from a 23-yard field goal only increasing the lead 30- 27 with 6:15 minutes left in the third quarter. The Rowan offense completed another long drive taking the lead for good. Quarterback Dante Pickney threw his third touchdown to Zac Frantz for thirteen yards at 12:47 left in the fourth quarter. It was also Frantz’s second touchdown of the afternoon.

The Rowan defense took over the game from then on, and stopped Salisbury from taking the lead again. They had a chance with an 1:04 seconds left in the game, but did nothing. Rowan wins the game 34- 30, their second win in a row. Increasing their record to 3-0 at home, and a 4-1 record overall.

“I think we kept our composure and kept our cool when things weren’t looking all that good. The players and coaches just kept fighting through all the adversity. I think that was why at the end of the game we got the stops we needed defensively, and we were able to do a couple things offensively to put ourselves at a position to win it,” said head Coach Jay Accorsi after the game.

Photo Source: SkitterPhoto
Photo Source: SkitterPhoto




Rowan Defeats Christopher Newport University 10-7

It was a chilly and damp evening to play Saturday night football. Before coming to the game, Rowan had suffered their first loss of the season against Montclair University, hoping to avoid another loss against an undefeated Christopher Newport team.

The action of the game began early in the first quarter when Rowan’s defense made an early impact. Christopher Newport’s quarterback K.J. Kearney made a poor throw by throwing an interception to Ryan Brenner. Brenner took the ball 42 yards towards the opposite end of the field at the Christopher Newport 10-yard line. Rowan took advantage of the good field position, and scored right way by handing the ball off to running back Gawain Bragg for a 10-yard touchdown with 12: 46 minutes left in the first quarter.

The game stayed fairly quiet until the last minute of the first quarter when Christopher Newport missed an opportunity to score, that would haunt them later. Kicker Grant Kelchner missed an easy field goal at 25 yards, the score remained 7-0 Rowan. Rowan couldn’t capitalize on their next procession, but their defense helped them out.

Christopher Newport was planning on scoring as they drove the ball down to Rowan’s 12-yard line at 10:44 in the second quarter when tight end Danny Mattson fumbled. It was picked up by defensive end, Kevin Stokes who took the ball 57 yards to Christopher Newport’s 31-yard line.

“Every week of practice we make sure we put a big definition on causing turnovers. We know turnovers give our offense more chances to score. So the more turnovers we cause the better chance that we would have with coming away with a win” said Kevin Stokes, after the game.

The Profs took advantage of the fumble recovery, and came out of the drive with points.  Kicker Tyler Knighton, perfectly kicked a 34-yard field goal, leaving Rowan ahead 10-0 after two quarters.

“I just told them they started off for the first time this year really well in the first half. We needed to finish the game off in the second half, and to play to the best of our ability, and I thought the guys did that,” said Coach Jay Accorsi after the game.

Christopher Newport came out of halftime strong. Quarterback K.J. Kearney, threw to wide receiver, Taylor Loudan, for a goal line touchdown at 8:40 minutes left in the third quarter, the score was 10- 7, Rowan. Rowan almost lost the lead with 6:20 minutes in the third quarter when wide receiver Dashown Waller, fumbled the football. Defensive back André Toran, caused the fumble, and tried to take the ball to the end zone, but Rowan had other plans.  Wide receiver Jamel Smith ripped the ball away sending the ball out of bounds for a touchback.

Christopher Newport had a chance to take the lead with around three minutes left in the fourth quarter, but quarterback K.J. Kearney threw his second interception of the evening to defensive back Shaquille Lee. After the interception Christopher Newport had one more chance to make something happen with four seconds left on the clock, but they failed to score.

Rowan win’s the game 10-7, being undefeated at home early in the season.

“I thought it was huge and I mean they are undefeated, they are 4-0, leading the conference with an undefeated record, and we’re coming off from our first conference loss. So I thought it was huge for us to come back against a very good football team, and win the game. The guys did that, they responded,” said head Coach Jay Accorsi after the game.







Matthew Kass , Journalism major with Matthew Migeot, Athletic Training major Photo taken by Dino Arhontoulis
Matthew Kass ( left), Journalism major with Matthew Migeot (Right), Athletic Training major
Photo taken by Dino Arhontoulis
Noah Weinstein, Student Life Program Assistant
Noah Weinstein, Student Life Program Assistant
Rowan running onto the field before the game Photo taken by Dino Arhontoulis
Rowan running onto the field before the game
Photo taken by Dino Arhontoulis
Christopher Newport University on the field in the first half Photo Taken by Dino Arhontoulis
Christopher Newport University on the field in the first half
Photo Taken by Dino Arhontoulis