Successful Rowan University Alumni

Good evening everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful day. As you know, on Sunday, October 2, 2016, I will be posting a recap of the football game against Christopher Newport University.


I hope to excite all of you beforehand with today’s post. Many students have walked through the campus, and hallways of Rowan University and have moved on to the work force.  They represented the university on a daily basis with the hard work they exuded. Below are five Rowan University alumni who have worked in the Communication industry, I chose those who I thought showed these particular qualities in no particular order.


Adam Chazen

If you’re an enormous fan of HBO’s show Game of Thrones you will most likely recognize the name Adam Chazen.  Adam is specifically in charge of the special effects of the show. He has been nominated five times for an Emmy since 2012, and has won every year.  Adam is the most recent graduate from the university unlike any other in the list, graduating in 2008 with a bachelor’s in Radio, Television, and Film. Adam’s work in special effects does not end with Game of Thrones, he has also work on films such as Iron Man 2, 2012, and the A- Team.


Shaun T

You have probably seen Shaun T on television before known as Shaun Thompson, and you wouldn’t have known that he graduated from Rowan University in 2001 with bachelors in Sports science with a minor in Theater, and Dance. You have most likely seen Shaun on television during commercial breaks doing exercise infomercials. He has been starred in programs such as Hip Hop Aps, Shaun T’s Fit Kid’s Clubs, Get Real with Shaun T, Rockin’ Body, Insanity, and CIZE.  Shaun has become one of the most successful individuals in the industry selling 350 million in DVD sales since 2009, and was number one in infomercials over nine years in a row.


Trymaine Lee

Trymaine Lee has covered some of the biggest stories of the 21st century, after only graduating in 2003 with a bachelor in journalism and communications. Trymaine Lee like a true journalist never stayed in one place. It was at his third job as a reporter at the Times-Picayune where he reported on the lethal hurricane Katrina. His coverage led to a Pulitzer prize winner for his work in journalism. After working for the Times-Picayune, Trymaine has worked for other publications such as the New York Times, and the Huffington Post. He worked on stories such as, the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, and the Trayvon Martin shooting. Currently he is working with MSNBC as a national reporter on social justice issues and the impact of politics and policy on everyday people. The one thing anyone can take away after learning about Trymaine is that you never know where life’s adventure’s will take you.


Robert Hegyes

Some of you may not know who Robert Hegyes is, but if you’re a fan of classical television shows than you will know him. He is known for playing Juan Epstein on the ABC show Welcome Back Kotter.  He graduated in 1973 with a bachelor’s degree in speech/theater and secondary education. When Robert graduated, the school was known as Glassboro State College, and later became Rowan University. Besides Welcome Back Kotter Hegyes has also been featured in Cagney & Lacy, and the film Just Tell Me You Love Me. Sadly, Robert is no longer with us, he passed away in 2012 from a heart attack.


Bill Fisher

Better known as Stink Fisher, the South Jersey native celebrity is known by his stage name. Stink originally didn’t start out his career as an actor. His degree though wasn’t in the arts. He graduated in 1998 with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Stink was an offensive lineman star from the football team. His talents got him signed by the New York Jets though he took another career path. Stink was a comedian for a while, but he earned his way into acting. Featured in films such as The Lovely Bones, Invincible, and The Longest Yard.  Besides appearing in films you might have seen Bill before at one of his restaurants the Pop Shop in Collingswood, and in Medford New Jersey.


Photo created by bluefieldphotos bp